//‘Megan’s Angel’

‘Megan’s Angel’


(D. & M. Beilstein – 2009) [Very Large 24″ x 60″]

This is a Doug Beilstein creation which came out of a streaked 'Blue Angel'. Named for one of his beautiful daughters, 'Megan's Angel' has broad leaves of heavy substance with a softly-colored, calming shade of blue-green and edged with a slightly wavy yellow-green border. This margin fades to creamy-white by mid-summer, and the foliage becomes slightly puckered with age. It will form a huge mound about 2 feet tall and at least 5 feet across.

'Megan's Angel' sports pale lavender flowers which bloom just above the foliage in midsummer. Like her namesake, she is a beautiful and welcome addition to any garden.



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