In the Beginning

Hostas on the Hill is the result of a long-time ambition.  I have been a passionate gardener for over 25 years and a Master Gardener for 20 of those years. What more could one ask than to spend your days doing something you love and sharing the results of that effort and experience with others.

In 2005, my home was built on the ridge (“the hill”) of eight sloping acres of beautiful hardwood forest — rich with native azaleas, hydrangeas, dogwoods, and silver bells. I made every effort to retain the integrity of this woodland while making gardens to accommodate plants I brought from my previous home — hostas, ferns, Japanese maples, and hellebores, among others.  

I have used moss rock from this property (supplementing with stone from a nearby source) in building terraces on the hillsides to accommodate the newcomers.  My gardens, like all gardens, are a continuous work in progress.  My hope is to incorporate my ever-growing collection of plants (I can’t resisit a plant sale) into an already beautiful natural setting.  I want to create a garden for inspiration, tranquility, and learning, as well as a source of the plants that make this possible.

My main focus in the nursery is on hostas.  They not only combine wonderfully with each other and with companions in the shade garden, but give a presence and structure among our natives that creates a natural and casual-feeling shade garden.  They are also a formidable choice for the formal dedicated hosta garden.  Their value and attibutes are limitless in the shade garden.

My nursery evolved from the encouragement not only of family and friends, but from my desire to provide a source for distinctive and hard-to-find hostas that will perform as well in our southern climate as in northern ones (maybe better!). Though hostas are my specialty, I have also included some companion plants for the shade garden.

I welcome visitors to the gardens — individuals, small groups, garden clubs, plant societies, etc.  Just call ahead or e-mail me to let me know when you would like to visit.  I hope you enjoy browsing the catalog.



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