You have just found a source for reliable, and distinctive hostas – varieties hybridized, grown, and chosen to do well in the hot, humid climate of the south. The nursery is located pretty much at the southern  boundary of the hosta (heat) hardiness chart.  If it grows well here, you can bet your sweet bippy it will do very well elsewhere. 

You can’t have a shade garden without those other guys (in fact, I think it’s against the law, isn’t it?)  — you know, the other “H’s” — hellebores, heucheras, and hydrangeas.  Then there is the wonderful world of ferns!   I haven’t found a “Hosta lover, Hostaphile, or Hostaholic” yet that doesn’t also seek these out.  And all these companions show off proudly under those wonderful native azaleas!   I have included some faithful natives and other companion plants for your shade garden, but be sure to check out the “Links” page to visit some of my great friends who specialize in these plants.

It is my desire to offer you the “old favorites” and the “newcomers” in the hosta world, as well as the ever popular varieties sought out to enhance shade gardens and contribute to collections.  I also want to assist the novice, as well as those who are already growing hostas (but want to learn more about growing them “bigger and better), by providing information on planting, culture, and maintenance of “The Friendship Plant.”  

I enjoy visiting organizations and providing fun and information presentations.  People I have met through these gardening-gatherings have become some of my best friends.  Just let me know through the Contact page or give me a call if your organization is interested in learning more about Hostas and shade gardening.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website, and I would love to hear from you — even just for ideas or a chat!







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